501c(3) Non-Profit faith based Charitable Outreach Organization - Company Message
Our job help center and resource room will be a FREE SERVICE to the community. We are here to assist individuals who have been out of workforce due to incarceration, military service, raising a family or other circumstances. When companies have the need to down size CFTHM, Resources for Living also is there to assist employees who find themselves having to seek new employment.
Resources for Living offers a wide variety of job and career services, we have a fully equipped resource room where you can:
  • Take GED Testing (test adult basic education)
  • Use our computers to conduct an internet job search
  • Write your resume
  • Review current job postings
  • Get the latest information on the labor market
  • Make copies of your resume and important documents
  • Fax your resume to potential employers
  • Use our telephone service for job prospecting
  • Research available financial aid
In addition, you can register for one of our many orientations and workshops.
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Being Unemployed
  • Dressing for Success
  • Interview Techniques
  • Resume and cover letter writing
Job counselors will be available to assist anyone with special needs!
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