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Participant & original member since 2005
When I first met Pastor Johnson I was a mess I just began my process of the battle to come off the streets doing anything and everything most women do to keep their high going because I was filled with so much pain, then I was led to attend a faith base recovery support group and then that’s when I first met Pastor Johnson who was the visiting speaker for that day he advised me afterwards that he had a weekly meeting as well and invited me to attended and I did and I have been attending Coming from the Heart Ministry support group ever since for the past 7 years.
This ministry has been a part of what keeps me in the word of God!!! I did attend and still do attend the traditional recovery meetings but I was not being fulfilled, but this group opened me to a whole new reality about recovery. I had a sense of yearning for something else when all I did was the regular meetings. When I was introduced to Pastor Johnson and Coming from the Heart Ministry my soul truly rejoice! This ministry stressed the importance of daily maintenance by reading the word of God and seeking God’s will through prayer to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
The insight given by Pastor Johnson and other members has truly blessed my life and has inspired me to enroll at Columbus State to take classes in Criminal Justice in order to fulfill a lifelong dream to be a Correctional Officer.  
In 2011 Monique has fulfilled her lifelong dream and now is a correctional officer at the Marysville Correctional facility for women.
What a success story Kudu’s to you my sister keep moving forward and be an inspiration to other’s who are still bound by their strong holds so they can see that there is a way out if you let Jesus lead the way!!!! 
Participant since 2007
Pastor Johnson Ministry provides inspirational insight on life daily issues that absorb our everyday lives.  Furthermore, his ability to address this wide range of topics with the presence of scripture to follow behind is very profound.  Pastor Johnson is a true man of God and has proven his commitment and dedication that this walk of life does not have to be hard, with God on your side.
My weekly inspirational newsletters has carried me through until it's time to meet again for his lecture.  After leaving his class you can't help but to feel empowered to fully examine self and put into action God breathe words of scripture in your everyday life.  Finally his class leaves you with a sense of direction or a better understanding of your God directed assignment in life.
So here's to you Pastor Johnson, for being my earthly angel to open my eyes when I could not see.
Participant since 2010
I got to thinking about you and your ministry and wanted to check and see how things were going.  I am still sober, almost 2 1/2 years or so.  I live with a few guys from my church and things are good.  If you get a chance fill me in on Coming from the Heart, I hope the Lord is still using you and things are going well.  God worked mightily through you to help me out of addiction, I hope you are still at it and helping others.  Hope to hare back and get an update on what God is doing in your life.
Participant since 2006 
In Late 2002 I relocated to Columbus from Mansfield, Ohio with my new family in search of a better life style and new opportunities. I began to work various jobs to support the needs of family while my wife attended college. In the early part of 2006 I began to have the desire to become a truck driver, so I enrolled into truck driving school. After graduation in the summer of 2006 it was very hard finding work without the minimum 2 years experience and I was becoming frustrated. Then one day I answered an add for a driving job with Rose Transport at this time is when I first met Pastor James Johnson he was the Fleet Operations Manager for whom I had my interview with and during the interview process we started having confession and talking about God instead of the job this blew me away for this has never happen before I ended up leaving the interview with the job, bibles, and other study materials at which time Pastor Johnson indicated that he had a Recovery Outreach Bible Study and invited me and my wife to his class and we have been with him ever since.
Then the light came on that God led me on my journey to Columbus from Mansfield to connect with Coming from the Heart Ministry and since the fall of 2006 I learned how to become a student to learn more about God, through Christ Jesus. I learned how to be more humble by being under Pastor Johnson leadership he taught me how to analyze the scriptures and breakdown the word of God. He is a good friend and mentor
and always has been there for me when I needed him.
In 2005 God delivered me from my drug and alcohol addictions and I truly believe that Pastor Johnson and Coming from the Heart Ministry was God’s way of covering me and it was right on time, it gave me a place to connect with Him and other’s who were struggling as well.
Being apart of Coming from the Heart Ministry has been a life changing experience and since I have been connected with CFTHM over the last 8 years I have begun to witness to others and teach bible study at CFTHM and my Church. Plan and simple if it wasn’t for Pastor Johnson taking the time to mentor and coach me I would not be where I am today and my family would not be where they are as well we all have been Baptize and now I serve as a Deacon and wife is on the Praise Dance Team at the Church were Pastor Johnson used to serve at.
I thank God daily for using him as His earthly vessel.
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